Van deadlocks / slam locks

At UK Autolocks, we understand that van locks can be confusing, with a large range to choose from. That's why we're here to explain the two main types of locking methods: Slam locks and Deadlocks. Van dead locks can be used to secure cabs in vans and stop thieves from gaining entry when breaking a window.

What’s the difference between a deadlock, slamlock and hooklock?

A deadlock is separate from the existing locking mechanism, and it’s only locked when you manually use the key in the lock.

Hook locks are an advanced type of deadlock, which have a hook latch that can’t be forced from its receiving plate, even under pressure.

In contrast, a Slamlock integrates with the existing locking mechanism on your vehicle. If a Slamlock is fitted, the door of the vehicle automatically locks when it closes.

Van Deadlocks

A deadlock is one of the most popular types of locks to provide additional security. A deadlock is a separate locking mechanism, and it is only locked when you throw the key within the lock manually. Deadlocks are also commonly referred to as hook locks, which have a hook latch that can’t be forced from its receiving plate, even under pressure.

Deadlocks provide extra overnight security, or additional security in vulnerable locations, and if thieves are able to get past the original lock, they will also need to get past the deadlock system to gain access to the vehicle.

Van Slamlocks

Slamlocks are another type of lock that are very popular with commercial vehicle owners. They integrate with the existing locking mechanism on your vehicle, and if a Slamlock is fitted, the door of the vehicle automatically locks when it closes.

Slamlocks are ideal for multi-drop drivers or couriers, where the door automatically locks behind them. They are very useful when the courier or driver has their hands full and can’t lock the door behind them. Slamlocks can be bypassed from inside the vehicle, meaning your safety is never at risk.

Van Security Locks Features

At UK Autolocks, we also offer additional security measures, including OBD adaptions and tracking devices. Our OBD adaptions disable your OBD so that devices won’t have access to your van’s on-board computer. Once a device is plugged in, it triggers a 120db siren that won’t stop until it’s deactivated by the owner.

Our range of tracking devices is installed professionally in areas not commonly known as “tracker hotspots” by thieves. Many expensive trackers are found and disabled within minutes of the vehicle being stolen, rendering them useless. Our fitters know this and take the time to conceal our trackers in hard-to-access locations, meaning the tracker can still do its job and help locate your van should it ever be stolen.

Secure My Van: Van Security Locks Packages

At UK Autolocks, we offer a wide range of vehicle security locks, including HookLocks, DeadLocks, SlamLocks, Heavy-Duty locks, and protection plates, as well as vehicle trackers and alarmed OBD disabling. Our mobile-friendly staff can install durable, quality locking systems supplied only by the UK’s leading lock manufacturers.

Visit our van security locks page for details of all our packages and the vehicles we can fit to.

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